First shipping project combining carbon offset with emissions reduction


Project Net Zero and offshore projects services provider Opus Marine GmbH have entered
into an agreement to compensate 100% of Opus Marine fleet CO2 emissions starting from
1st of January 2021.

The agreement is absolutely pioneering as it will establish Opus Marine as the shipping
industry’s first where carbon offset and emissions reduction strategies combine to achieve a
carbon zero fleet.

The announcement from Project Net Zero comes at a critical time for the marine fuels
supply chain as it faces an acute need to reduce emissions and make genuine
decarbonization progress. With sustainability and regulatory change as two of the most
important focuses for the entire shipping industry, Greenhouse Gas reduction targets for
2030 and 2050 set by the International Maritime Organization will require innovative
thinking, and a proven track record of delivering expert services.

Carbon offsets allow for emissions and CO2 output to be balanced with the purchase of an
equivalent qualified offset. This means purchasing verified carbon units that are equivalent
to the CO2 production from emissions. These units also fund certified projects that generate
clean and renewable energy, such as wind farms, solar energy, and reforestation.

Opus Marine, founded in 2006 in Hamburg, owns and operates 8 specialized offshore
vessels, specifically Crew Transport Vessels (CTVs). Opus Marine primarily services the
offshore wind industry.

Project Net Zero (PNZ), based in Geneva, is an independent carbon emission and
sustainability advisory company dedicated to the shipping and logistics industries. PNZ
operates a carbon offset programme for compensating marine fuel emissions, as well as
managing and operating carbon offset projects and providing emissions reductions advisory
to the shipping industry.

Bernhard Messer, Managing Director of Opus, commented: “Being deeply involved in the
offshore wind energy, we are proud to be the first ship owner compensating the entire fuel
emissions of our fleet. The decarbonization of our fleet, not only gives us an unprecedented
position in our market but allows us to support renewable energy projects, including wind”

Alain Savary, Founder and CEO of PNZ added: “Together with Opus we have designed a
strong CO2 compensation strategy but also work with them on emissions reduction
projects, both should, when possible, be developed in parallel. We are pleased to assist
Opus through the decarbonization path”