How the Shipping industry leaders help to build a greener future?


It’s just a matter of a few days: COP26, one of the most important events concerning the
environment, is going to start on Sunday. The conference, which will be held in Glasgow,
will obviously have to deal on how to build a so-called green future. Guy Platten, Secretary
General of the International Chamber of Shipping, has raised a fundamental point in this
regard: “Shipping is the backbone of the global economy” he said, “As world leaders look
to a green future, they must eliminate the political risk around decarbonization policies.
This starts with the energy transition in key industries which underpin global trade”. The
message behind his words is clear: there is no green future possible without the
decarbonization of the most important sectors of global trade.

This is also the message behind the shipping industry’s official COP26 sideline event
“Shaping the Future of Shipping”, an assembly of shipping executives and maritime
states. By bringing together international leaders and experts of various sectors, the
assembly aims at translating the ambitions of the COP26 into recommendations and all
actions for all parties, IMO States included.

The ministerial appointment, whose lead sponsor is MSC, will be held on the 6th of
November at the University of Strathclyde’s Technology & Innovation Centre. Among
others, its points of discussion will be the accelerations of the creation of funds, such as a
development fund to enhance zero-carbon fuels and technologies within the shipping
industry, as well as the proposition of a carbon levy. The shipping industry has already
shown how these are not just empty promises, but rather effective plans. As a matter of
fact, while calling on the UN to halve to 2050 the timeline for full decarbonization and
proposing a carbon levy for ships over 5,000 gross tonnes, the shipping industry in the
person of The International Chamber of Shipping has already supported the creation of a
$5 billion fund to ensure zero-carbon ocean-going vessels by 2030.

A greener future is possible: the event of the 6th November will be the first step to build it.