PNZ attended the 5th Mare Forum: cooperation is the key to a greener future

Last May 3rd Project Net Zero attented the 5th Mare Forum in Geneva, an international gathering to discuss opportunities and issues of global shipping. In such a scenario as the current one, cooperation and collaboration are the keys to achieve a sucessful shift torward a greener shipping industry. That’s why Project Net Zero decided to join the forum: to truly commit to a more sustainable future, it is necessary to enter in dialogue with different perspectives, to expand visions and so to be able to create innovative and effective solutions.
The Forum, whose official title is “The Charterer’s Shipwoners’ Dialogue”, articulated in different panels and interverntions to explore the challenges and opportunities of the current global shipping industry. To do so, a first intervention concerning the possibile future scenarios of the shipping business was held, focusing both on the possibile outcomes of the post-pandemic world and on the relationship between the global geopolitical scenario and the industry. After having explored the possible futures, a panel on net-zero strategies was held. Thanks to the interventions of different experts, many points concerning net-zero regulations, required skills and expertise as well as necessary incentives and alternative fueling were tackled.
Following the lunch break, a session focused on the relationships between shipowners, charterers, capital providers and regulators was held. In this panel, experts discussed the New EU Taxonomy plan and its impacts, as well as trends and tendencies of investment in green shipping and the possible futures of alternative shipping investment. Session number 5 was instead mainly focused on the role and the instancies of Switzerland and the city of Geneva: topics such what can and should be done for the city to mantain its prominence as shipping hub, its future and its realtionships with other Global Maritime Hubs were discussed. Finally, a panel on the role of women in shipping excellence was held. In dialogue, a group of experts tackled the ways and approaches to incentive womanly presence in the shipping industry.
Such stimulating and interesting gatherings are highly necessary for the shipping industry to create a powerful and effective network, and to be able to cooperate in shaping a better, more sustainable industry of the future.