PNZ2050 will take part in the Swiss Shipper Forum 2022 in Interlaken

The 2022 annual Swiss Shippers’ Forum will be held in the Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau in
Interlaken. The assembly, which will take place on the 26th and 27th of January, will
gather together many important representatives of the shipping, insurance and
entrepreneurial business.

The title of the assembly, “Facing our triple challenge to 2050”, clearly states the
focus of the two-days gathering. The main core of the Forum, organized by the
Swiss Shipper Council, will in fact be the issues of carbon neutrality and the 2050
goals. In order to do so, three main axes will be addressed: Strategies for
decarbonisation, digitalisation and emerging business model, to quote the subtitle.
The working languages will be German, French and English.

The morning of the 26th will entirely be dedicated to panels and conferences,
whereas in the afternoon participants will be able to take part in a workshop of their
own choosing, among four possibilities: Deepening the panel discussion: tackling
seafreight disruption; Digitalisation of the Supply Chain – are we capable of it?; Basic
knowledge: Letter of credit; Global Free Trade Agreements – Are you prepared for
RCEP, TTPT, TCA etc.?.

PNZ2050 will participate in the event especially in the person
of the CEO, Alain Savary who will be one of the keynote speakers of
the second day, the 27th. His first intervention, will address the
topics of COP 26, IMO MEPC 77, EU
Regulations – the expected impact on maritime transportation practices and costs.
He will also participate, along with Dr. Furrer, Dr. Kirchhofer and Dr. Knutti, in
the “Exit 2050 – how do we manage this?” panel.