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PNZ develops independent tailor-made compensation strategies. Through our service, CO2 compensation commitments will generate direct (financial) and indirect (reputational and market positioning) benefits for our clients.

As part of our Compensation programme, PNZ will:

  • Set you up with a unique managed account to gather commercial information, while ensuring confidentiality
  • Have your carbon books audited each year
  • Secure confirmation of independent CO2 emissions compensation from a third party verifier

PNZ closely monitors the project quality and track records of our carbon credit developers so you are sure your investment has value and a social impact. PNZ has developed its own carbon certificate quality assessment procedures.

Just like the shipping industry, carbon offset pricing is based on the dynamics of supply and demand. However, additional parameters can influence prices, including:

  • Fairtrade minimum pricing
  • Project costs and labour intensity
  • Geographical region/country
  • Volume of credits generated