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CO2 emissions compensation is a temporary measure that can promptly reduce your company’s carbon footprint, but to achieve your decarbonization goals, it must be adopted in conjunction with CO2 emissions reduction.

Working in close consort with our clients, PNZ provides CO2 emissions reduction project assessments to identify optimal solutions, while taking into consideration any technical, operational, and financial constraints.

As part of our project assessment process, we will:

  • Agree upon a strategic roadmap
  • Set achievable objectives
  • Assess technical options
  • Offer budgeting and payback analysis
  • Provide project planning and management

PNZ acts as your decarbonization project manager and plays an active role in executing your initiatives:

  • Contract negotiation
  • Milestones and timeline
  • Project fieldwork
  • Technical supervision
  • Cost monitoring
  • Commissioning/validation